About IRIS

IRIS Ltd was established in 1991. Since then it has been expanded and deserved reputation of reliable and responsible partner in finish and building material market. Today IRIS is one of the biggest commercial centers of finish and building material, IRIS showrooms are in all biggest towns of Lithuania.

One of the main IRIS goals is to import, to sell the finish products and building materials of high quality. Longlasting partnership with well known producers of Europe, the status of the only representative or strategic importer and the well-deserved name of reliable partner give possibilities to obtain best results.

IRIS is presenting more than 7 000 high quality products, which are used for a private accommodation or work, office for comfortable life and work in it. The activity of Iris company is specialized, due to this the most attention is paid on the following groups of products:

- ceramic tiles, porcelain;
- wall-to-wall carpets;
- real wood, laminate, vinyl flooring, PVC flooring;
- bathroom furniture and accessories;
- baths, shower cabins;
- faucets, shower systems;
- ceramic materials for bathroom;
- wall coverings, paint;
- building mortars;
- building materials.

IRIS Ltd is a team of professionals and always looks for productive partnership with both, producers and clients. 

Naujoji str. 50 B
LT-62381 Alytus

Tel.  +370 315 55969, +370 650 00208
Fax. +370 315 55968

E-mail info@iris.lt 

Company code 149587593 
VAT code LT495875917

Account number LT917044060001919254

Bank AB SEB bankas
Bank code 70440


Gary Ren
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Mr. Gary from China, we are vinyl and laminate flooring factory.
We want to find some customers in your market. And we found your company from internet and know you are professional on flooring business. So we want to contact with you and want to know if you are inertested to begin the cooperation with us.
Now, we have a big promotion on vinyl flooring,the price is very competitive.If you are interested, we will send our price to you, hope you can get more profit on this business.
Waiting for your early reply kindly.
Best Regards
Dear Sir/Madam

TCF solution provider is an engineering/trading company located in Vilnius We are working as supplier for all industries.
We can supply all different types of Tile and Ceramic and onyx marble with good price and quality .
We would appreciate if we can start business together.
If you need more information, we are ready to have a meeting and explain more about our activities.

Best regards

Reza Khodami – Sales Manager
“TCF Solution Provider”

Address – Vivulskio g.7-523 , Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +37052053089
Email. sales2@tcfengco.com

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